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  1. Snow removal

    Bobby, I live on Hammondtown Rd. And as of this writing there has been NO DelDot truck on this road. This is totally ridiculous! The only one's that have plo...

    Ronald William R. "Bobby" Outten
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  3. What major milestones can you attribute to the universal recycling law you authorized in 2010?

    You authorized an executive order in 2010 for expediting recycling and for the purchasing of material with recycled content among Executive Branch agencies.

    maryam Jack Markell
  4. Bulling on the job by supervisor

    How does one address bulling on the job from a supervisor? The following is a list of things a family member experiences on the job at a large corporation. H...

    Johnathan Nicole Poore
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  6. What is the status for the passage of HB 204 for protection of athletes with head injuries?

    Click here to see the full bill:

    Bernard Daniel B. Short