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  1. Will you help bring competitive fiber-optic networks to the city of Aurora?

    The FCC's proposal allowing internet service providers to charge companies for preferential treatment erodes the vision for Net Neutrality. This predatory mo...

    Holmes Steve Hogan
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  4. When will construction of the new light rail system begin?

    The rail line is projected to be span 10.5-mile miles of the city and will provide key regional connections to the East and Southeast Rail Lines. Eight new s...

    maryam Steve Hogan
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  6. Do you support State Senator Scott Renfroe's bill to ban red light cameras in Aurora?

    Renfroe claims that his data does not support the notion that red light cameras lead to safer roads. In 2013, 61,283 tickets were issued in Aurora for re...

    maryam Brad Pierce
  7. Do you support the point system model for licensing marijuana businesses?

    Currently, a proposed points system that would award preference to shops and owners that meet certain criteria above what the state mandates. The point syste...

    maryam Debi Hunter Holen