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  3. What's your position on Fast Track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

    Why are you remaining silent on Fast Track trade negotiation powers for Obama when you opposed them for Bush?

    Jesse Nancy Pelosi
  4. Will you put pressure on the NSA to disclose information about its “upstream” collection?

    "Upstream" collection is the process by which the NSA siphons data directly through undersea cables.

    Holmes Barbara Boxer
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  6. What would it take for you to support Obama's plan to shift control of call data to phone companies?

    On Jan. 17 Obama declared his charge to end government collection of Americans' phone records in consideration of the potential for abuse.

    Holmes Dianne Feinstein
  7. How will the Government By the People Act empower small dollar donors?

    You co-sponsored the bill with Rep. John Sarbanes to reform the financing of Congressional elections.

    Lee Nancy Pelosi
  8. How do you sleep?

    What is it like to have no conscience?

    Heidi Darrell Issa
  9. Our border crossing is a quagmire... with the entire San Diego region losing out.

    The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), a group of the nineteen municipalities in San Diego County, has generated reports showing extreme negative...

    Jerry Scott Peters
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  13. What more can you do to protect the people of Sudan?

    For more than a decade the people of Darfur have suffered at the hands of their own government. This is a moral and national security issue. Please ask Presi...

    Katie-Jay Dianne Feinstein
  14. Why is it taking so long for all of you to pass the EDD extension???

    It is pathetic and irresponsible for this extension to have not passed. Oeople have nothing and need it very badly. you people make way too much money and ar...

    tim Barbara Boxer
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  18. Why are you allowing President Obama to take your power?

    The congress solely holds the power to make laws yet congress is standing idly by as Obama rewrites your laws (Obamacare specifically) and there's not so muc...

    j Dianne Feinstein
  19. How does the marijuana schedule 1 classification undermine medical benefits and state legalization?

    Schedule I substances are considered to have "a high potential for abuse" and are barred from being prescribed for medical treatment.

    maryam Michael Honda
  20. Why is the aerial spraying of the Morongo Basin allowed to continue?

    The aerial spraying continues on an almost daily basis, unabated. It grays the skies, obscures the sunlight, and obliterates or prevents the natural cloud f...

    Barbara Paul Cook
  21. Why aren't you supporting the SAFE ACT to stop horse slaughter?

    Horse are not for food. They are not cattle and they are not raised for food. There is no such thing as a humane horse slaughter plant. Horses are here as ou...

    Deborah Doug LaMalfa
  22. Can you please take a look at SB 228

    and consider reintroducing this bill. I have paid and released state tax liens that are ruining my credit scores and I'd really like to buy property but bec...

    David Barbara Boxer
  23. Water usage in construction projects

    I see water trucks constantly spraying all of their solar cites after striping the ground. Is their anyone who is regulating there water usage. It seems to m...

    Catherine Kevin McCarthy
  24. What pressing legislative priorities do the two parties have in common?

    There is promising interest across the aisle for overhauling the loophole-ridden tax code.

    Zabie Nancy Pelosi