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  1. Will you help bring competitive fiber-optic networks to Oakland?

    The FCC's proposal allowing internet service providers to charge companies for preferential treatment erodes the vision for a neutral and equitable internet....

    Holmes Jean Quan
  2. Which provisions of the new rent control reform are you most excited to see support for?

    The City Council voted to cap rent hikes to a total of 10 percent. They also prohibit landlords from passing on all the costs of capital improvements to tena...

    maryam Rebecca Kaplan
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  4. When will the City Council make an informed decision on the proposed crematorium?

    City staff claims they don't have enough education in air quality issues to decide one whether the property for the crematorium is eligible under zoning code...

    maryam Rebecca Kaplan
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  6. Will you reject the DAC expansion to defend your constituent's civil liberties?

    The Domain Awareness Center Project originally began in 2008 to secure the port of Oakland against maritime attacks by terrorists. The second phase of expans...

    maryam Jean Quan