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  2. I have a project that can make Arizona a better place. I need government support can I count on you?

    I want to build multistory climate controlled greenhouse towers, to grow food that is GMO and pesticide free to provide to local populace free of charge in r...

    Alex Jeff Flake
  3. What is the background history of this law and why we fill it is necessary for AZ, an at will state.

    What is the background history of this law and why we fill it is necessary for AZ, an at will state. I am writing a law review article on the proposed bill a...

    Lauren Jeff Flake
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  5. How do you feel about the exponential growth in the role of private contractors in nat’l security?

    Private contractors have been on the rise since Sep. 11, 2001. Governmental functions are being performed by private entities with paper thin regulations in ...

    Holmes John McCain
  6. Are you concerned that the Rosemont mining project may severely damage Tucson's water table?

    The Environmental Protection Agency has recommended that Rosemont not receive a Clean Water Act permit, stating that the mine's safeguards against pollution ...

    Gabrielle John McCain
  7. Why shouldn't Chelsea Clinton be appointed Ambassador to Libya, Afghanistan, or Iran? Why Not?

    Why is the New Jersey bridge closing getting big investigations with no documentation to prove the governor knew any thing about it? While Benghazi resident...

    Ray John McCain
  8. Will your NSA committee prioritize investigating Snowden leaks over NSA warrantless surveillance?

    You are calling on the committee to investigate the "grave damage" he says Snowden's leaks have caused.

    Gina John McCain
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  9. Why Is Pres.Obama Creating a Soviet State State in US?

    US Constitution Gives US Citizen,a Right to Privacy.Some of us Escaped Tyranny to Come to US. Why is Mr.Obama Converting US into Soviet Style Fascistic State?

    Dr.Manzer David Schweikert