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  1. Will you state "I approve the truth of this message" in your political ads?

    Just stating "I approve this message" doesn't mean your ad is true. If you want my support, I need the truth. #HonestAdsorg

    ctwofford78 Richard Womack
  2. I'm writing regarding the issue 3 on the State of Arkansas ballot this November,

    I have been a Republican for a very long time ( voted for Nixon in 1960).Most of us are against changing the term limits for legislatures to, of course, a lo...

    Dr. Will Jim Hendren
  3. Will you vote for Bill 146 for broadband expansion & new fiber optics for public schools in AK?

    The Quality Digital Learning Study Committee recommended AK should consider running a centralized broadband network to provide Internet service to schools ar...

    Holmes Eddie Joe Williams
  4. Problems with being able to apply for and actually get help follow-up for Medicaid

    I have been assisting a friend who has been trying to get medical assistance or medicaid since October when she was having serious bleeding issues associated...

    Rita Fonda Hawthorne
  5. Where do you stand on allowing fed. office candidates to raise campaign funds while in session?

    Arkansas House panel recommended that members running for Congress be allowed to raise campaign funds during next month's session, but stopped short of calli...

    Chelsea Bob Ballinger