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  1. Why is your administration dragging its feet to investigate the conviction of the Fairbanks Four?

    There is enough evidence to seriously believe that the Fairbanks Four were wrongly convicted. Why is your administration so slow to investigate and come up w...

    Beverly Sean Parnell
    • 25 out of 50 Signatures needed
  2. How can AK policymakers better support family caregivers?

    Currently there is no paid family and medical leave for those who are caring for their older relatives. How can we provide better protections for those force...

    maryam Doug Isaacson
  3. When will the Fairbanks Four see justice for their wrongful conviction?

    Why won't you respond to any inquiries on where you stand on the issue of the wrongful conviction of the Fairbanks Four - Marvin Roberts, George Frese, Kevin...

    Amber Sean Parnell
    • 381 out of 50 Signatures needed
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